About Me

Future French INSA Engineer in Computer & Data Science. 22-year-old.

Passionate about Artificial Intelligence, Technologies,  Consulting and Team Management, my projects and my investment in the Presidency of a Junior-Entreprise allows me every day to work in these fields and to develop my entrepreneurial and managerial skills.

Also very important subjects for me : the impact of new technologies and Artificial Intelligence on our society and our environment.

Challenges, relationships and results are the key words of my motivation.

Currently : Brussels (Belgium) as a Data Scientist Consultant Intern for 3E.

What I Do


I have a strong background in Data Science with my two degrees, including a French Diplôme d’Ingénieur at INSA de Rouen. I can carry out Machine Learning and Deep Learning missions in Python with various types of data formats : tabs with digits, texts, images, graphs, signals, etc.


My INSA de Rouen degree and several projects brought me a strong experience in Software Engineering and Computer Science. I can design applications and softwares for all kind of devices in Java, Python, C# or Swift. I can also realize websites and have knowledge in distributed computing, system administration, SQL & NoSQL databases.


I have experimented several times IT projects with a team and Management with V-Cycle or Agile Methods like Scrum and Kanban during my position as Vice-President in a Junior-Entreprise or my studies at INSA.


I have developed many skills in Consulting during my position as Vice-President in a Junior-Entreprise. I can draw specifications from a client’s needs or make commercial proposals. I have experimented several times other many aspects of offering consulting services to a client such as the relationship with him, the warranty period, how to make him satisfied, etc.


I enjoy a lot sharing my knowledge. I can teach Computer Science, Data Science, Project Management or Consulting to people with love. Currently, i realize Audit missions for the Junior-Entreprise movement which consists mainly in helping structures to improve their performance in strategy, commercial activity or team and human resources management.


I’m available for Freelance missions. Contact me !